Pay & Save with Ecu(rrency) A coin that gives power and money back to the people

The Ecu is an independent currency whose value relies on stable financial assets. It aims at freeing us from the impact of central bankers and currency manipulation.

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Pay and Get Payed

The Ecu is a real currency. Unlike some CryptoCurrency, transaction costs are very low.

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Protect yourself

From the ongoing devaluation of your country currency by the action of the central bank or of your government.

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The Ecu is pegged to stable financial assets, high-grade state bonds that allow stable returns.

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All the Ecupay solutions are equipped with bank-grade encryption to ensure the confidentiality of your data

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Unlike CryptoCurrency like Bitcoin, we don't use huge resources to produce our coin.

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Use the app on most phones and watches to pay around the world as if you were at home.

*Good to know! You will be able to trade your Ecu Coins, and pay to retailers through our app. But it will also be possible to trade them through Third-party exchanges like CoinBase !

Easy To Get Started

With Ecu, paying has never been easier.

  • Create your Ecu Account
  • Buy Ecu Coins through the app
  • Use your Ecu Coins to pay for your shopping or transfer money through the app
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More on the Ecu Coin ?

Historical fact : The Ecu used to be the french royal currency during the Bourbon era. It is also a contraction of e-currency.


The Ecu is a stable asset. Its value is directly linked to an underlying asset : a low-fee portfolio of high-quality bonds. This allows minimum volatility.

This portfolio contains investment-grade bonds from all over the world to hedge against currency risk.


The Ecu can be used anywhere in the world. No more time wasted exchanging your money when going on vacation or reimbursing a foreign friend.


Like any currency, the Ecu is designed to pay and get payed. You can pay for products and services.

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Who is the Ecu for?

See why people have fallen in love with the Ecu and how it could reshape your approach to money

Manuel Da Costa
Caracas, Venezuela

With the Ecu, I am now able to keep my savings safe from hyperinflation and pay in a stable currency. Because it's pegged to high-quality bonds, the Ecu also provides me with some return.

Tom Major
Sydney, Australia

In Australia, most products are imported. With the weakness of our currency, it makes everything increasingly expensive. The Ecu helps avoiding this and bring peace of mind in knowing that my money is safe

Sakura Tanaka
Tokyo, Japan

I travel around the world for work and pleasure. Using the Ecu allows me to pay around the world with very limited transaction fees.

Emilie Ousmane
Alger, Algérie

We're living in a period of uncertainty. Using the Ecu gives me some peace of mind.

François Dupont
Lyon, France

Francois do business in multiple countries with different currencies. Using the Ecu makes it easy for him to wire money between different countries without worrying about currency risks.

Marie Talisker
Edinburgh, Scotland

I've never been able to put my money in a savings account. The Ecu allows me to save a little on my everyday account without extra efforts.

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